Rick Wong (Founder & CEO)

Rick is a veteran Amazon and E-commerce seller who has been selling physical products online for over 5 years. He has successfully created brands and work with brands that have achieved $1 Million USD in annual sales on Amazon alone. He is always testing for new Amazon selling techniques to enhance the brand value and sales for his clients. Rick did all his education in Toronto, Canada has a B.Comm  in IT from Ryerson University and has a Masters in Finance from Queen's University. Before he got the entrepreneur's itch, he spent almost a decade in the financial industry.

Charles Tse (Head of Analytics)

Charles has been working in the eCommerce space since 2013 on start-up to top eCommerce sites with hundreds of millions USD revenue.  His exposure to a diversity of eCommerce products, e.g. downloadable, time sensitive, perishable, to complicated electronic items, will be valuable to clients with different business models.  Apart from the technical know-how, he has managed and improved the business aspects of eCommerce, including but not limited to digital marketing, logistic, storage, payment, customer service, data analytics, and multi-channeling.  He spoke frequently as invited speakers to eCommerce and technology conferences.

Antony Lam (PPC and Display Advertising Lead​)

As PPC and display advertising lead, Antony is responsible for ppc (paid per click) campaign creation for both Amazon sponsored ads, AMS and ongoing optimization. Antony has an extensive optimization and keyword discovery process that ensures that our clients get the highest ROI for their adspend. Antony is working towards a Bachelors in Business Administration from Chinese University of Hong Kong

Airlie Maria Heung (Head of Social Media and PR)

The wordsmith of the firm. Airlie is in charge of social media and PR of all our managed brands.  Using her extensive knowledge of the publishing industry and her experience as a writer, she would work to get the maximum brand engagement with the target audience. Airlie has a B.A in English from Baptist University and MA in English from Waterloo University in Canada.

Kristy May Acot (Account Management Lead)

With extensive experience with customer service, May handles the daily operations work of the Amazon account. The work includes, follow up on Amazon Reviews, keeping Amazon account metrics in good standing and inventory management

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